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The Schedule

! Detailed schedule will be uploaded soon

important dates

  • Round 00 : 25 May - 6 June
  • Career events : 10 July
  • Rounds 01, 02, 03 : 11 July

CSC 2019


Team 'The Password Inspectors' - Jamie McClymont, Rhys Davies.



Congratulations to all the Cyber Security Challenge competitors of 2019. This year, the challengers took on the Internet of Things with the focus on - forensics, reverse engineering, steganography, web-application security and cryptography.

Runner-Up of Tertiary Category

Now UC Me Joshua & Sam Hogan, University.

Winner of Secondary Category

Thonking Cameron Li & Jason Xu

Runner-up of Secondary Category

Arrays start at 1 Ethyn Gillies & Marshall Patty

Runner-up of Secondary Category

Frozen Orange Orion Edwards & Thilanka Priyankara

Runner-up of Industry Category

gradyhooker Grady Hooker

CSC 2018



Team Elliptic Curveballs - Logan Krippner, Jacob Cheatley and Michael Jang.


Women's Technical Challenge Champions

Team Octocats - Jamie McClymont and Abigail Koay

Drone challenge winners

Team UniHack - Rajat Rokhade, Debac Manikandan and Arnav Gogia


The NZ Cyber Security Challenge 2018 (NZCSC'18) hovered into action with a drone challenge for Round 1 & 2 contestants at the University of Waikato campus. Challengers tested their hacking skills as they attempted to take charge of a drone controlled by a host's smartphone and intercept photos taken by the drone's camera. Prizes were awarded to the successful hackers. NZCSC'18 action also included training sessions with some of the best, opportunities to kickstart a cyber security career at the job fair and talks by some of the movers and shakers in the industry. Round 0 online qualifying round took place from June 18-29, with the top 150 moving on to Rounds 1 and 2 on July 14 at the University.

CSC 2017


2017 challenge known for Challenge Winner Repeat Performance .
It was a repeat performance by the overall champions team Arcton, Nathaniel Watson, Jeremy Symon and Grady Hooker took out last year's Challenge.

Representing industry, they walked away with a cheque for $2500 and NetHui fellowships. Jeremy is currently doing a Masters of Computer Science at Waikato and working at Gallagher, and Grady and Nathaniel are former Waikato Computer Science students now working in the computer science industry.



overall runners-up 418ShortAndStout - Michael Robertson and Brent Vollebregt - placed top in the tertiary division and took home $1800.

Top performers in the high school division after Rounds 1 and 2, SQL Sharks twins Sam and Josh Hogan also took out first place in the new Policy Round. Contestants were tested on responsible disclosures, asked to critique a really badly-written cyber policy, and suggest incident response next steps for a fictitious event.

The winning team from the industry division after Rounds 1 and 2 were Jack Haystead, Daniel Tebbutt and Declan ter Veer-Burke. They took home a cheque for $1800.


nZCSC'17 hit all the right keys with VIPs from the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and INTERPOL attending. GCSB director Andrew Hampton told the Challengers it wasn't long ago that people were saying cyber security should be on the agenda but now the agenda is cyber security.

although, In this year's Challenge CROW collaborated with Japan's National Institute of Communications and Information Technology ( NICT ) to up the ante in the visualisation of the attack and defend networks of the competition. CROW member Cameron Brown worked with Koei Suzuki to customise the NIRVANA Kai visualisation to show network traffic between the Round 3 servers. The collaboration is mutually beneficial as NICT will utilise CROW technology in the future. NICT supply the visualisations for Japan's largest cyber security competition SECCON.


CSC 2016


team Name: Hodor (462,250 points)
team Members: Sjoerd de Feijter, Matthew Stringer, Vladimir Petko
industry category team, representing Gallagher Group


First Runner-Up

Team Name: Solo Team(406,160 points)
Team Members: Michael Robertson, 17 years old,
Secondary School Category team, representing Cambridge High School.

Second Runner-Up

Team Name: Arcton(386,300 points)
Team members: jeremy Symon, Nathaniel Watson, Grady Hooker
Tertiary category team, representing University of Waikato Faculty of Computing And Mathematical Sciences


due to the popularity of the competition in 2015, we introduced an online qualifying round, Round Zero. 267 participants registered for Round Zero and attempted the challenges between the 17 June - 1st July, after which the Top 150 were chosen to attend the competition on the 14 and 15 July.

participants competed in two rounds: Round One, a capture-the-flag style challenge and Round Two, a Red team vs. Blue team game where the Blue teams had to defend their vulnerable servers from attacks from the Red teams, which consisted of an Industry Professional from Gallagher and two CROW members.

CSC 2015


team Name: ter B


First Runner-Up

Team Name: DoubleMC

Second Runner-Up

Team Name: Kanye4Prez


nZCSC'15 was open to all of New Zealand and participants were split into 3 categories: Secondary, Tertiary, and Industry/Open.

the competition had 2 rounds: Round 1 was a capture-the-flag style challenge. Round 2, open to the top 5 teams of Round 1, was a Red team vs. Blue team style challenge where 5 Blue teams defended their systems against the Red team, which included Industry professionals from Insomnia Security and PWC Digital.

CSC 2014

the first instalment of the Cyber Security Challenge was open to University of Waikato students only.

cSC'14 had a single round - a capture-the-flag style challenge where the students participants solved challenges to acquire flags. The event served its purpose: to gauge students' interest in a Cyber Security-themed competition. Over 70 students registered, attended the training and paticipated in the competition, which encouraged the organisers to plan the next CSC.


! Detailed schedule will be uploaded soon

CROW-NZ's First Cyber Security Lab


Established in 2012, CROW is a research group located in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Waikato.

With the emergence of cloud computing technologies and prevalent mobile device usage, we are witnessing the diminishing effectiveness of traditional cyber security approaches such as perimeter defence, intrusion detection and infrastructure hardening.

To address this, CROW focuses on six major themes: Provenance, User-Centricity, Visualisation, Economics, Hardware, and Tools & Datasets. Together, these six themes enable the return of control of data to users, thereby reducing reliance on third-party vendors or trust relationships commonly found in most cyber security contracts today


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the event will be held at The University of Waikato campus (room locations will be emailed to participants).

we will also offer a shuttle service between the University campus and popular accommodations in Hamilton city. Shuttle details will be sent to participants that have made it through to the competition.

location: the university of waikato

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