University of Waikato Address

University of Waikato,
Gate 1, Knighton Road
106/110 Knighton Rd
Hamilton 3216

Driving to the University of Waikato

If you have a GPS, you should be able to enter the University of Waikato address and obtain the best route to campus.

Otherwise, you can get directions for driving to campus from your current location by using Google Maps.

This point of entry into the University conveniently leads to one of the campus public carparks. Just make sure you don't park in the Staff area - you will get towed away!

Getting to the University of Waikato from Hamilton City

Free Shuttles provided by the CROW lab

To ensure that all competitiors get to the University and back to their accommodation safely, we will provide a shuttle service between 2 points in Hamilton City and the University.

Check back later - we're still sorting out the shuttle service, but we'll get there soon!

Public Transport

There are several bus routes that go between the University and the Transport Center in the City. You can query the website for more details, but the following routes will get you to the University (or near enough):

     - Route 17 - Hamilton East Uni : bus stop on campus
     - Route 13 - University : bus stop on campus
     - Route 2 - Silverdale : bus stop on Hillcrest Road near Gate 9
     - Orbiter : bus stop on Knighton Road near Gate 2

Getting to the event

The NZ Cyber Security Challenge will take place in various buildings across the University of Waikato campus. The Industry/Job fair will take place in S Block, followed by the welcoming ceremony and Industry partner talks, which will take place in L Block. The training and actual competition will be held in the labs in R Block.

You can see these buildings, plus the rest of campus on the University's Interactive Map or on the map below.

A map of the campus