Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When? Where?

17th and 18th of September 2015.
The current schedule is from 4pm - 10.30pm on the 17th and 9.30am - 10.30pm on the 18th.
The 17th is reserved for training in R Block, and the 18th starts with a Cyber Security industry/job fair, followed by industry talks and finally, the competition!

Check out the full schedule!

My high school students haven’t learnt anything about computer science or cyber security. What do they need to know?

Generally, the students need to have an interest in IT, with basic appreciation of the operating systems (especially Linux) and and computer networking concepts. A list of the recommended readings will be available in the Training section soon.

The goal is to inspire an interest amongst the students and expose them to the cyber security career over the 2 days of events.

Is there any material I can look at that would help prepare me?

Try searching for these keywords; linux operating systems, computer networking, computer security, network security, computer security best practice, OWASP Top 10.

A list of the recommended readings will be available in the Training section soon.

Is there an age limit for participation?

We haven’t set an age limit, participants just need to fit one of these categories: high school student, university student, industry professional.

How much does registration cost?

Nothing! Entry to the training and competition are free, food on both days are free, and free t shirts for all registered participants! (If you haven't registered, you may get a t-shirt in the right size if you are lucky.

Note: if you are travelling to hamilton, you will need to budget for transportation and accommodation on the 17th and 18th.

What else is happening during the event?

The 17th of September is also Kingitanga Day, an annual cultural day where events celebrating the university's culture and heritage take place.

How can I register?

To register, which every participant should (so we can make sure that we order the right amount of shirts and pizza), simply fill in your details in the registration form.

What prizes are there?

Prizes are still being decided and will depend on the funding we get from our sponsors. We are looking at first place and runner up for each of the three categories. Ideally, there will be three different prizes that could easily be split if a group of three wins but still be cool if an individual wins. Prizes will be ‘awesome’, ‘fun’ gadgets; last year the prizes included an iPad, GoPros, and Raspberry Pis.

What other incentives are there?

To add to the awesomeness, there is also an internship fair, guest lectures, and talks by industry partners.

For high school students, it is a really good way to get a taste of what this industry is about, and what study paths you should look at taking if you want to get into this industry.

For university students, it provides a networking opportunity for you to learn about some potential employers and what your next steps should be after you have finished studying.

For industry professionals, it is an opportunity to get to see some of the emerging talent coming out of the university as well as keeping up-to-date with what students are learning and what they think about in terms of careers and industry.

I’m a high school student, will it be too hard? I’m an industry professional, will it be too easy?

There are varying degrees of difficulty in the challenges. Some challenges might be easy for some and harder for others. Everyone should find it a good challenge, though.

All participants are put into a category; “Secondary”, “Tertiary”, or “Industry/Open”. This means that you are only competing against participants on a similar skill level. We also have some specific challenges just for high school students.

Where do we meet?

The training sessions will take place in R Block on the 17th as from 4pm.

The job/internship fair will take place on the 18th in the S block foyer (first floor), and guest lectures will be held in S.1.01 (1st floor of S Block, room number 1).

The competition will be held in R Block too.

How do I get to the venue?

We can provide a shuttle bus between the campus and accommodations on Victoria street and Ulster street. To ensure that the transportation goes smoothly, please confirm with us if you would like to use the shuttle.

Alternatively, there are three bus routes that go between the University and the transport center in the City:

  • Bus route 13 takes the Claudelands route and bus route 17 takes the southern side of the suburb.

  • The Orbiter is a bus route that circuits the city and a segment of the route is directly located between the University and the city. Just make sure you get off in time, otherwise you will travel around the entire city.

I don’t have a team? I want to be in a team! Team questions.

There are three options with regards to teams:

  1. Enter as a solo competitor
  2. Enter as a team with 1-2 other friends
  3. Enter as an individual who wants to join a team by indicating your interest to be assigned to a group in the registration form. On the day (training or challenge), we can match you up with others who want to join a team too.

Where is a good place to stay around the university?

There are a couple of hostels in the area that would be ideal for students. We recommend Microtel Backpackers (YHA) who have offered of $25 per dorm bed and $45 per single room.

Backpackers Central Hamilton is offering a deal of $27 per dorm bed instead of $/contactus.html29, and this includes breakfast, linens, etc.

For those wanting a bit more luxury, there are many motels and hotels around town. We'll provide a list of reccommended options soon!

How can I help to publicise the event?

We have a poster that is currently being updated and will be available once we finalise all the sponsors and supporters of the event.

Check back later!

Can I provide feedback for the event?

Sure, tell us what you thought on the feedback form!