Categories and Teams

To ensure a reasonably level playing field, we have decided to group participants into 3 categories:

  • Secondary

  • Tertiary

  • Industry/Open

Participants can also enter the competition as a team of 2-3 members, or enter as a solo competitior. You can either compete with a group of friends, or indicate your interest to join a team on the registration form and we'll assign you to a team.


This year, the competition will consist of 2 rounds:

  • Round 1 - Capture the Token

    Duration: 3hrs

    The first round of the competition will consist of a series of challenges that must be solved to acquire tokens. This round is open to all participants, and the difficulty of the challenges will range from easy to rather complex. There will also be a challenge reserved for participants in the "Secondary" category. The first round will be an elimination challenge - the top 5 teams across all categories will then move on to Round 2!

    Prizes for Round 1 will be awarded to the winning and runner-up teams of each category.

  • Round 2 - Red Team vs. Blue Team

    Duration: 2hrs

    Each team of competitors in Round 2 (the 5 Blue teams) will be provided with a network which will need to be defended from the attacks of the opponent team (the Red team). Attacks will range from network attacks to application-level attacks. Each team will also start out with a score which will be deducted accordingly for each successful attack from the Red team.
    The winners for this round will be the team with the highest score at the end of the round, i.e. the team that has successfully defended their network against the most number of attacks.

    Prizes for Round 2 will be awarded to the winning team.