New Zealand

Cyber Security Challenge

17 - 18 September

R Block labs,

University of Waikato

Cost of Entrance: Free!

The pirates have finally caught up with your grandma in using technology. They've decided it's finally time to store all their treasure maps online. Being the tech savvy hacker that you are, you realise that this is your time to shine, all that valuable booty can be yours.

A big thank you to everyone who attended. We had a massive turn out and a very successful event. See you all next year!

crossbone map compass
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The Competition

Word has reached the ports that the pirates are conspiring against us, the humble Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato (CROW). We need your help to send those scurvy-infested, bilge-rats back to Davy Jones' Locker. If you be willing to join us, put your scribble on the sign up script. We need to know how to divvy up the plunder.

The Games - A hooded tough guy at the Salty Spitoon Bar claims that the best way to fight off a pirate attack is with a double attack. First, everyone must engage in a capture-the-tokens offense. Break into the pirates' network and grab their tokens (Round 1 - capture-the-tokens). Then, when the pirates try to return fire, the top few teams will have to defend our network from the pirates (Round 2 - attack/defend).

Teams - You can participate as a team of 2 - 3, or compete as an individual if that floats your boat.


Training - We have created an alliance with a privateer who will provide training on the 17th September. All are welcome to attend the training sessions where you will be shown how the two games work.


Competition - Be prepared: We attack the scummy pirates on the 18th. We start the operation at 3.30pm: that's when they go to the local pirate tavern for their precious grog and won't be around to hinder our attacks!


Job/Internship Fair - Our allies are always on the lookout for fresh talent to aid in their fight against the pirates, so come talk to the ally teams on the 18th at 10am!


Location - We'll meet in R Block for planning our attack strategy (17th) and finally, attack the pirates (18th) from the R Block Lab 1 and Lab 6! We'll also gather in S Block to meet the ally teams and to hear their battle stories!


Prizes - Yarggh, the scouts did it. They managed to grab some prizes. Take a gander on our FACEBOOK PAGE.