University of Waikato's
Cyber Security Challenge

Thanks to some students from the University of Waikato, the MB-025 virus has stopped it's rapid spread through New Zealand. Using their technical skills, they were able to find the anti-toxin that was locked away in Waitomo Hospital! This is a day that will go down in history!

The competition has come to an end. We are proud to present the following winners of the 1st Cyber Security Challenge, held in the University of Waikato. We would like to thank all our sponsors and participants for the support. Hope all of you have enjoyed the event.

Winner's Board
Team Name 1st Member 2nd Member 3rd Member
Champion: DoubleMC Matthew Law Marc Tiehuis Carlin St Pierre
Runner up: CyberTeemos Joshua David Scarsbrook Danial Roslan Janik Singh
2nd Runner up: No Game No Life Mickey Law Caleb Donnelly Julian Melchert

Pandemic has struck! MB-025 or more commonly known as the zombie-virus, a residue from the recent bio-war blow out has started its rampage in the neighbouring states. You knew this would come. It is just a matter of time.

You heard recently from others that the local hospital, Waitomo Hospital, is researching a possible anti-toxin that can prevent its recipient from turning into a saliva-drooling, dreamy-looking, disgusting and boring walking creep. You have to get your hands on that anti-toxin! The hospital is going to be heavily guarded, but it is a risk you have to take! Survival is at stake!

You will have to hurry! The anti-toxin is limited and you know you won't be the only one rushing to grab that anti-toxin for yourself. You only have your wits and geek (IT) skills with you.....

On a more serious note...

The Cyber Security Lab and Computer Science Student Society are organizing a cyber security challenge at your local university (that's University of Waikato)! The challenge will be in a capture-the-token style where your security knowledge and skills are tested. Break the security, grab the tokens and win the challenge!

If you are not confident in your technical skills, no worries! We will be conducting a short crash course on web security the day before. Keen participants or even anyone who just wants to find out more about security are free to join us on our training day. Also, we will be having security professionals from the industry, coming down to talk on what it takes to consider security as a career. On the competition day itself, we will also have industry professionals (check out our sponsors below) coming down. This is a great chance to establish some networks with the relevant companies.

So whether you are looking to have some fun and test your security skills or just someone who wants to find out more about security or someone who enjoys networking with people from the industry, come on down and join us on the 18th and 19th of September. Do remember to register for the competition at the links on this page. You can either register in a team of up to 3 members or as an individual participant. Do note that you have to be a student of the University of Waikato to join the competition. However, all are welcome to the talk and training.

Download the poster here!

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